At the end of 2010 the club decided to build a wooden track.

Our old Ninco plastic track was at the end of itís life and was becoming more and more uneven and requiring constant maintanence.Work commenced immediately after the Christmas break with the old track being lifted and put up for sale.

We retained the original base supports and table base.

It was decided that because of the space available in the club house the track shape and size would, with a few minor tweaks, be the same as the original Ninco one.

The major work was undertaken by our much missed colleague Colin Nicholls and Vic Bettell

(as they were both retired and had spare time!!!) with regular help being given by Lewis, Cole, Paul and Alan.

The main works were completed before the end of February (only about six weeks) and the first race meeting on the new track was held on Thursday 24th.

The circuit, which you can see illustrated on the first page of our website, consists of a long start-finish straight which ends in a long right-hand turn of more than 180 degrees. Two gentle left kinks then follow, the second of which is on the bridge that crosses the track. This leads to a 180 degree left hander which in turn takes cars into the esses.

The esses consist of five curves - right - left - right - left - right, with no two being the same. If you get through these difficult bends safely, you are immediately faced with another tight 180 degree hairpin, to the left. A shortish straight follows, with a medium right hand bend that takes the cars under the aforementioned bridge.

Don't crash under there because it's a hard place for marshals to reach to replace your car!

As you emerge from under the bridge, the road curves left but you will immediately be confronted by another long long right hand bend that turns through well over 180 degrees and leads you back onto the start-finish straight.

If you are driving in one of the quicker classes that we run at the Southend club, you should cross the timing beam not much more than 8 seconds since the last time you crossed it. However, many of us are just happy to get around under 10!

So, if you happen to be looking at our website and you fancy having a go at driving on this track, give Tony a call on the number at the bottom of our home page and come along one Tuesday night to Pound Lane. You will be welcomed by a small but very friendly bunch of diverse individuals, all of who have a joint passion for SLOT CAR RACING!

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